Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy Round Birthday, Cool Dude!

It is now 4:30 in the afternoon and it has been A Day, in a full week of Days. If this were most Days, I'd say the heck with writing a blog post and go get some cinnamon tea or something to celebrate the fact that I hit every appointment on my calendar for March 3.

This is not only A Day, though--it is Husband's birthday, and it is a round birthday, which makes this the most special day I could imagine. As I accompanied high school soloists then attended a funeral this morning, and worked on a community celebration then gave blood (double reds, no less) this afternoon, and then came back to work, I was constantly humming a happy little celebration song for the best husband ever.

I was being thankful that this foxy college guy in the aviator shades and faux silk flowered shirt had waited to meet me; I'm pretty sure no one else would find my special combination of delight in terrible jokes and inability to balance a checkbook especially appealing.

We won't be having any outlandish celebration because a CPA in tax season tends to attend parties with half of his attention on the stack of returns waiting back at the office. Instead, some Boys are coming home this weekend and I'll bake a sheetcake.

But I hope you've had a happy birthday, Husband.even if it hasn't been raucous.Thank you for waiting for me. Also, thank you for not keeping that shirt. It might have been a bridge too far and I have very much enjoyed spending your past 33 birthdays with you.

Let's spend the next 37 together as well, okay?


  1. Happy birthday to your fantastic husband! What is it that draws us Pisces to accounting? Out of 6 tax pros in my office, 4 of us were born in March.

    1. Seriously? I'm guessing your boss doesn't want to have all those time-wasting birthday parties on office time. But happy birthday to you! I'll eat a piece of sheetcake in your honor.