Monday, March 7, 2016

Party Like It's April 15

All of you Downton Abbey fans, I have not forgotten that I made some predictions, the soundness of which still need examination. However, I wanted to be absolutely sure you had finished watching the final-final episode last night before I dove into the spoilerage.

I mean, who am I to criticize if you had a church meeting or something and could not sit in front of the television for 90 minutes quietly sobbing and wringing out your lace-edged hankie? But there's no excuse if you can't get it watched today. You do have sick leave, do you not? And aren't you just sick that you won't see those beautiful dresses again?

Anyway, while we're waiting for that recap I thought I'd show what true party animals we are in the House on the Corner.

Three of the Boys came home during the weekend to help celebrate Husband's round birthday. It was so much fun to have them around--we braved the unbelievable crowds to caucus on Saturday (and patriotic Boy#1 replaced the Trump sign that firebrand Boy#3 "accidentally" kicked over on the way into the auditorium); we vowed to never voice the abominations that are "granddog" or "grandcat," sticking instead to the much more preferable "grandRoomba" to describe our descendants; we gathered around the conflagration that 60 candles create on a sheetcake and sang "Happy Birthday" to our birthday honoree.

And then, one by one, the Boys pulled out their documents and the birthday honoree did their taxes.

Husband was such a good sport about this add-on to his special day. He always says his favorite clients come in with their receipts stuffed into shoeboxes because he knows those returns will be both complicated and profitable. So what did Three tote in from his car?

A sweater box, for when the shoebox just isn't big enough, and when you know you're getting your taxes done for free.

Oh, it's simply grand to have a CPA in the family.

Happy birthday, Husband, from all of your dependents!

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