Friday, March 18, 2016

My Spring Break, Illustrated

Well, here we go with the painting again. You can't say you weren't warned.

This is a reality check to show that my world is not all made up of Cinderella's bluebirds flying around our heads as Husband and I walk hand-in-hand through life. No, my days also include blue tape, disposable non-latex gloves, five (count 'em, five) tiny cans of sample paint because I seem to be incapable of getting the exact shade of brown that is in my mind for the steps, antique doorknobs removed for clean-up, and brushes and rollers sitting on the kitchen island to dry.

And right there among the detritus of my "spring break,"* a French press.

Because what is life without coffee?

*Although I work at a college, I am an administrator. Unlike the students and faculty, administrators do not get spring break, so if you want to see my eyes spin completely around in their sockets, ask me how my spring break is going. I will not deny, though, that there has been some March Madness streaming on the auxiliary monitor as I go about my work. Go Shocks!

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