Monday, March 28, 2016


The title to today's post was also the title of yesterday's sermon. It took me a few seconds to figure out that this wasn't just a result of the preacher falling asleep as he prepared his notes and hitting the keyboard with his forehead. No, this was a divine proclamation by the Maker of the Universe:

God: "I snow here!" 

Oh, I know the REAL answer was a sermon point on how adding spacing to the smushed-together letters takes it from being a Good Friday observation (God is nowhere.) to an Easter morning revelation (God is now here!) but my answer was correct, too, if you add punctuation as well as spaces.

For the first time I can ever remember (and I go back a long, long way) we had measurable snow on Easter morning. I did a terrible job of documenting this fact, seeing that I was already late for music practice and the heavy, wet snow was making my hair un-curl, but my Facebook feed was crammed full of people's white lawns and snow-covered decks. My favorite was the shot of Easter snowman dappled in pastel food coloring.

Of course, because we are Kansans, this wasn't really a shock. On one day last week, the forecast called for 80-degree temperatures in Small Town, blizzard warnings in the northern part of the state where my father lives, wildfire warnings around Boy#3's hometown, and gale wind predictions in Much Older Sister's stompin' grounds.

Oh, Kansas, how we love thee.

So Sunday, when I was trying to photograph our snow, my father watched the sunrise in 37-degree chill, Three's wildfire was dampened by slushy rain, and Much Older Sister bundled her grandkids up for egg hunting. It was normal. Routine, even.

By the afternoon the temperature had hit 53, the snow was gone, and the spring flowers were once more basking in spring sunshine.

God is now here.

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