Friday, May 23, 2014

There's Symbolism in Here Somewhere

I'm clearing the pictures of graduation weekend off my camera, which means I've been looking at these shots and thinking "Hmmm...why in the world did I take that? I must have thought there was a blog post in it, but what could that post have been?"

I offer for your perusal the shots I can't explain.

On the left is the breakfast of champions (and college graduates and their families). This is a Shipley's Bullseye, which is a doughnut, topped with chocolate glaze, topped with vanilla icing, topped with sprinkles, topped with a blob of red something.

On the right is a view of Boy#4's apartment several hours into the packing process. It looked depressing and insurmountable, and I was pretty sure we'd still be sorting and packing and labeling boxes when the next commencement day rolled around at Big University.

The promise of the picture on the left filled me with delight, the promise of the picture on the right filled me with dread. The Bullseye looked indescribably delicious, but turned out to be overwhelmingly sweet and excruciatingly guilt-producing. The packing process looked un-finishable but everyone pitched in and it was (dare I say it?) kind of fun. The final box was marked "Stuff Mom says is miscellaneous crap" by late afternoon. (Boy#1 thinks he's soooo funny.)

So I guess the lesson of these two pictures, taken for some reason I no longer remember, would be that you shouldn't judge emotional outcome by initial appearances.

Boom. I may call myself MomQueenBee, but clearly I'm also the Empress of Symbolism. 

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