Thursday, May 8, 2014

TBT (Mother's Day Edition)

I have not yet jumped into the ThrowBack Thursday movement, but today I came across this picture on my computer and it propelled me that direction. This shot is of me and my siblings on Easter, somewhere around 1965-ish. (I'm carbon dating that by the fact that my youngest brother looks to be about two, so I could be off by a year.)

Once you get past F's snazzy plaid sport coat and my cat-eye glasses, you may notice that my sisters and I are dressed in identical polka-dotted dresses, with white gloves and white sandals. We are all spiffied up and ready for church and smiling for the camera.

So this is a shout-out to my mom, who had sewed those three dresses, plus one for herself, the day before. She did this without killing any of us, which would have been my impulse if I had tried to sew clothes for my own children on that kind of a deadline.

My mom rocked and I miss her every single day.


  1. THE DAY BEFORE?! Your mom was AMAZING!

    1. The day before. And she was amazing indeed.

  2. Was the word "Saint" in front of her name? I'm thinking so.