Friday, May 9, 2014

Blessed by Blooms

I was late for work this morning because I was wandering around in my yard looking at flowers.

Last night a storm rolled through Small Town, and this morning was one of those times that remind us Kansas truly is the most beautiful place a human being could live. Just a week ago an uncommon early May heat wave left us wondering if we would have any spring at all, and this morning felt as if all the perfection of the season had been distilled into these few hours--cool and so calm that raindrops still balanced on the leaves of the iris.

Besides the irises, the first peony bloomed yesterday,
 and the other peony plants are showing promise of bursting with blossoms soon.
In the front yard the flower bed hasn't even been planted yet but I can see four different blooms in one blink of an eye. More iris, hanging begonias that are just out of camera range, knock-out roses that should have been pruned but are forgiving my gardening ineptitude, and a gerbera daisy plant I couldn't resist buying the last time I was at WalMart.
And then I came to the office, and within a few hours my friend who works for the florist delivered Mother's Day greetings from my sons.
An old Irish blessing begins "May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day." Today I am seeing flowers at every turn, and I am blessed indeed.

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