Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Perfect Packing

I packed in a hurry Friday as Husband and I got on the road for the long holiday weekend. My work day went a bit longer than I had anticipated, and instead of being on the road at 4 p.m. our arrivals and departures board had started flashing DELAYED before I even pulled my suitcase out from under the bed. (No, we don't really have an A&D board, but wouldn't that be handy? "I've already told you what time we're leaving--now you just need to check the board." In my dreams.)

My packing methods are not exactly scientific: If I have clean underwear and my vitamin pill, I figure I can buy anything I forget when I get to wherever I'm going. This has worked well for me in the past, and actually, it's worked even when I didn't have the underwear and vitamin pill. This weekend, though, I knew I'd be going to a class reunion, to a parade, to church, and all of the rest of the festivities that are special during Memorial Weekend in the tiny town where I grew up. I wanted to look nice, to not embarrass myself or my family.

I threw in  three skirts, four dressy-ish t-shirts, jewelry appropriate to gussy up or calm down the outfits according to the event, make-up bag, toothbrush, clean underwear and vitamin pill. I had new L.L.Bean sandals that are ooooh, so comfy, so I would wear them everyplace except church and for that I had my black mules because it's always nice to impress the homefolks in Tiny Town who had lived through my high school miniskirt years and probably still wonder if I've come to my senses concerning my clothing choices.

Sunday morning, I got dressed. Black scoop-necked t-shirt with appropriately tasteful silver jewelry? Check. Long swirly skirt with abstract print? Check. Undereye concealer and understated make-up? Check. Shoes? Check, and check.

The shoes get two checks, because if you'll look closely at today's photo you'll notice that while the shoes I packed were both black Clarks open-toed mules, they also were the right shoe from two different pairs.  So people who greeted me at church and wondered why I was all dressed up from the ankles up and ready to go to the beach from the ankles down? Now you know. 

At least I had on clean underwear.

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