Monday, February 10, 2014

Cool Job

This is the view out of my office window this morning.

I know you're tired of me talking about SNOW with more SNOW and an extra side dish of SNOW, but that seems to be our life in Small Town right now. It snowed last night!

Now I know that by the standards of Wisconsin last night's snowfall wasn't much. We didn't need those orange flags on eight-foot poles that warn snowplows of curbside mailboxes. (You Wisconsin people are a hardy breed, and I salute you.) This was only a couple of inches of feathery flakes, easily brushed off of cars and not deep enough that the Snow Day Princess even considered pulling out the megaphone to cancel classes.

But it is enough snow that the guy on snow-clearing duty in the parking lot outside my window is having a really, really good time. He has pushed this snow all over the lot! He has piled it here, then transported it over there. He has endlessly beep-beep-beep-backed up then vrrrroooom-whined-scraped-forward that two inches of snow until he has completely DOMINATED the parking lot clearing.

I believe this may be the same guy who mows the strip of grass under my window each and every day of the summer, making phone conversations a series of "What? I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" and "Is your speaker turned all the way up?" from my end.

He works on the days when the weather is in the single digits, and on the days when the weather is in the triple digits, and on all the days in between, so I'm glad he enjoys the toys that help clear the parking lot and manicure the grass.

Thanks, guy. Make all the noise you want.

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