Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nothing to See Here

I have a friend who is a wonderfully attentive reader of this space. She often sends me encouraging messages when she finishes her daily dose of blather, sometimes saying "I LOVE THIS!" and often saying "I know exactly how you feel, hang in there."

She also is the one who, when I am AWOL for more than a couple of days, shows up in my in-box with concern: "Everything okay?" It is just the kind of encouragement I need to continue on my quest to use up all the words in the internet, and I dash off more Thoughts for cyberspace.

This week, in an uncharacteristic lack of Thoughts, I have nothing to say. Nothing. The well of words is dry.

I took Monday off, hoping the well would re-fill overnight. It didn't, so I scraped into the mud at the bottom to use the phrase "Making whoopie" for the first time in this space. Husband pointed out later that there is a segment of the population who would not find that phrase as funny as we did, a good reminder that there probably should occasionally be the tiniest bit of our lives left unshared.

Yesterday, more lack of Thoughts and another day off. Today, just to reassure my friend that everything is okay, I'm posting a picture that I found in my free clip-art source labeled "Happy Smoke Detector." It pretty much sums up my week.

I'm here, I'm happy, I'm doing my job. Thanks for checking!

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