Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

Hey! Guess what! Not half an hour after I posted the poor-me-please-feel-pity post that was yesterday's message to the internet, the boss walked into my office and conceded that with snow waves breaking over us like a frozen version of the Banzai Pipeline, we should probably send people home. I am also people, so home I went.

The rest of the day I spent Doing Things and Thinking Thoughts. Here are the things I did:

1. Baked Snow Day Bread. There is nothing like the yeasty smell of homemade bread to make everything seem right with the world. I may not be working but look at all those little microscopic animals in that dough lifting it right out of the pan.

2. Blocked several finished knitting projects, including a just-completed shawl (which, if I can bring myself to part with it, will be the grand prize in the De-stuff-ify With MomQueenBee activity we're all doing together) and a cowl that's been done but not blocked for about three years.

3. Had a nice long phone conversation with Boy#3, who is a teacher and was having his own snow day. 
Me: So how is your day going?
Three: Pretty rough. I picked out a movie to watch, piled up all the blankets on the couch, made some cocoa, got my popcorn, then on the third sip I burned my mouth on the cocoa."
Then he laughed and laughed.

4. Fed my newly-acquired addiction to BBC crime dramas on Netflix, this time with Inspector Lynley. This find is slightly north of okay--not nearly as good as Prime Suspect but quite a bit better than Grand Hotel, a BBC product that tries very hard to be Downton Abbey but is not.

Here are the thoughts I thought:

1. Are these college kids insane? WHERE ARE YOUR HATS, COLLEGE KIDS?

2. No, really, where are your hats? Your mothers would be appalled to see you out there when the temperature is FIVE DEGREES and your heads are uncovered.

3. Those students should really put on hats. And gloves.

And then I turned my attention back to bread baking and British detectives.

Aaaaaahhhh, snow days.


  1. Regarding college kids and hats: My son has one of my credit cards to use for emergencies and hasn't touched it in quite a while (yahoo... no emergencies) but the other day I noticed a charge at a store far from where he lives. Thinking it was fraudulent, I contacted him to see if he lost his card or if it was stolen. Nope. He had a friend drive him to the store to get a hat ... because their normally mild weather had turned cold.

    You can understand how happy I was.

    P.S. Do you watch Sherlock? I just watched two of the most recent episodes, but need to go start at the beginning.

    1. I just started watching Sherlock recently, and I'm hooked. In fact, instead of watching figure skating last night I was catching up on the first season. It's fantastic.