Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Orts and a Blurb

I have almost nothing to say; it may be that all of my thoughts have been frozen before they reach the part of the brain that generates thoughts. Our wacky weather is exploring the part of the thermometer below the bulb, and it is COLD.

This weather means that the parking lots at Small College continue to be snow-covered several days after the actual snowfall, resulting in the extension of Park Like An Idiot Day through the entire week. Holy cow, do people park like idiots when they don't have the visual clues of painted lines to herd them into spaces. Yesterday I saw a student park his car AGAINST THE ANGLE in the angle parking. (Is that what you would call it? He had the hood of his car perpendicular to the car in the next space.) Fortunately, I have not lost my Appalled Mom Stare and I  used it on him. He backed out and parked again, this time parallel to the next car.

Appalled Mom Stare FTW.

The de-stuff-ification of the House on the Corner continues apace, with 16 bags/boxes now gone. It's turning out to be a profitable endeavor--the fuzzy picture with today's post shows the coins found in just one day of cleaning out stuff. Eighty-three cents, baby, and 84 bags still to go. 

Just so you know, Boy#1 and I could have done this. We chose not to.

And the blurb of the day:

My latest binge-watching seems to have focused on British detectives, and in that vein I've started to watch Sherlock. I am now seeing what all the fuss is about. Great characters, terrific chemistry, excellent plot lines. In fact, at the risk of being labeled a heretic, I'd rather see a new episode of Sherlock than of Downton Abbey. Last night I found myself catching up on the very earliest episodes of the series rather than watching figure skating. At this rate they're going to take away my Olympic fangirl card.

We all know that the guy who plays Sherlock Holmes was also in 12 Years a Slave but did you know that the guy who plays Dr. Watson played Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit movies? No, I didn't either.

What a wonderful world we live in when a Southern plantation owner and Bilbo Baggins can make a movie together. I recommend Sherlock but I would pay good money to see one with those two characters in the leads.


  1. Have you watched Luther? It's a pretty excellent BBC crime drama. The Bletchley Circle is also good.

    1. I LOVED Bletchley Circle. I'm hoping they have more episodes soon. And this is the second recommendation today for Luther, so onto my list it goes.

    2. The second season of Bletchley just aired in the UK last month. I think it should be on here pretty soon.