Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friends Against All Odds

The government shutdown is having a negative effect on the life of one of my oldest and dearest friends, one of the four classmates who gather every autumn for a couple days of non-stop talk and laughter. She and her husband were spending a few days of autumn relaxation in the Lower 48 before returning to their igloo (they live in Alaska) and I was included in a group e-mail she sent this morning.

"Hey, friends," she wrote, "thanks to the Tea Party and their shenanigans*, my husband and I will be unable to enter and hike in the national parks of Utah this week as planned. We are currently in Colorado and could easily head to Wyoming or places here in this state.   Do any of you have any recommendations for lovely camping and hiking in this general area?"

I had to respond immediately. 

"I'm sorry, but 'lovely' and 'hiking' never occur in the same sentence in my vocabulary," I pointed out. "However, I can send some good knitting patterns to be completed while binge-watching 'Damages' on Netflix and drinking coffee." 

I'm not at all sure why we've been friends for so long. I mean, it's one thing when the most powerful nation in the world shuts down because it's too haaaaaard to govern. But walking around in nature when your car is running just fine? That's just crazy.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: The political viewpoints expressed here are those of the e-mailer and not necessarily those of MomQueenBee, who has friends (and relatives) of many, many political denominations, and loves each and every one of those friends and relatives. We're talking about hiking here, people, so simmer down. I'm equally exasperated with all politicians right now.

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