Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Orts (No Blurb)

First of all, you all are pretty wonderful. Yesterday you reached through the computer monitor to where I was sitting all ugly-cry-faced, and in spite of the swollen nose and puffy eyes, you gave me a virtual hug. Thank you so much for the comforting words and sympathetic thoughts concerning the passing of Our Dog Pepper. Doing the right thing is always the right thing, but it's not always the easy thing, and you helped make the day not quite so difficult.

The most-asked question of last week was this: What kind of candy are you ordering for the Wedding of the Century?

Well! Sitting in the wedding staging area (aka 'Don't Forget This' Central, aka the front steps landing) are 35 pounds of blue candy (per request of the bride) and Reese's Pieces (per request of the groom) and three really heavy sacks of Hershey's Nuggets (because I did the ordering and I really like chocolate). The organza treat bags also arrived, and are adorable.

Don't ever give me a task and say "Whatever you want is fine" because I will totally run with that.

And in case you were wondering, Orby Wan Kenorby is still hanging in there and has now been all over town with me. I think he's starting to enjoy the exhilaration of a 30-miles-per-hour ride down Ninth Street.  A friend who was walking past Pearl and knows my history of histrionics concerning spiders came thiiiiiis close to knocking the web off for me, but I stopped her in time.

"No! That's Orby!" I shouted at her. 

We've been friends for almost 30 years but I don't believe I'd ever seen the resulting expression on her face before.

Oh, and thanks, too, to all who offered to fix my befuddled double monitor computer system. Boy#3 was first on the spot and had me straightened out in moments. "I learned how to do that in eighth grade," the new high school teacher informed me, which means I'm only nine years behind the curve on this one.

No blurb for this week, but next week, who knows? Maybe I'll go crazy! Double blurb Friday!


  1. I WAS curious to know what candy you'd choose!

    And this is my favorite line: "We've been friends for almost 30 years but I don't believe I'd ever seen the resulting expression on her face before."

  2. Oh good, I can not tell you how often I've been thinking about that candy. And I'm hoping I'll get that job when my oldest gets married (if/when). I excel at candy purchasing.