Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Orts and a Blurb

Yikes! Not many orts this week--my entire brain is being consumed by the Wedding of the Century. So well consumed is my brain that I tried to get a zombie reference shoe-horned into that sentence (because of the brain eating? Get it?) and I couldn't figure out how to do it. The day I can't come up with the appropriate zombie reference is a sad day indeed.

Boy#2 mentioned in passing this week that he still needs a costume for an upcoming  Halloween party. I, of course, sent him a dozen links to easy, do-it-yourself-with-materials-you-already-have-around-the-home costumes. I also suggested the bunny suit all the boys were required to wear at least twice probably would still fit him.

"Just so you know, you're taking a lot more interest in this than I have," my 25-year-old doctoral student said.

Go figure.

My favorite pair of brown shoes developed a squeak while it was in summer storage, aka the back of my closet, for three months. This makes me terribly sad as they are wonderfully comfortable and professional, but now I can't sneak up on anyone. Any suggestions on how to get rid of a shoe-squeak?

There was a reason I chose today's knitting needles graphic. Really, there was. I just can't remember what that reason was. See also: Zombies are eating my brain.

Finally, the blurb*, which I believe I've gushed about before but this week a regular reader was unaware of the wonderfulness that is this product. So here, Cousin D., this is for you. Auntie A. thinks you may have missed it.
Several years ago I had HAD IT UP TO HERE with the cooking that goes along with having four teenaged sons. Well, not exactly the cooking, but the THINKING about what to cook, and the BUYING of all the food, and the PLANNING that goes along with being the only one in a family of six who could cook anything beyond pancakes and chocolate chip cookies.**

Then Husband heard about eMeals. At the time it was named eMealz, which almost kept me from checking into the online product. The trendy trailing "z" should never be used for anything except the phrase "mad skillz" but I was desperate so I swallowed my indignation and clicked onto the website. Fortunately, the company powers-that-market have come to their senses and the trailing z has been replaced..

People, this product has transformed my life. For a truly tiny fee ($5 a month) you have access to a variety of menus. And not only does eMeals provide menus, it provides the shopping list and the recipes, which can be completed in the hour between when I leave work and when supper needs to be on the table. I am serious when I say that this has transformed the way I think about my main household duty.

Over the course of my membership I have changed our eating plan from the six-person menu to the four-person to the menus for only two (sniff) and the recipes get better and better. There are low-fat options, options for people trying to lose weight, and our current selection, the Mediterranean diet plan. In my opinion, the Mediterranean is by far the best. Easy, good-tasting. Just substitute beef for lamb when it comes up. (So, maybe we're doing the Mediterranean-ish option?)

So, summing it up, eMeals. Two thumbs way, way up.

*As required by the NSA on all my blurbs, I'm informing you that I have never received any kind of compensation from any products mentioned in my Friday postings. Darn it anyway. Why does no one believe I can be bought?
**That was then, this is now, and all four of the Boys are quite the respectable cooks, or at least none of them starved after moving into his own apartment, which as far as I'm concerned is the same thing.


  1. *runs over to check out emeals at breakneck speed* Thank you for this suggestion. I don't mind making the food or buying the food, but I am so incredibly sick of figuring out what on God's green earth we are going to eat 7 nights a week that I'm about to go insane. Now if they can offer enough options to please a picky 4 YO and a 10 YO who doesn't like tomatoes (why????) they will have customer for life. Or at least for the next 14 years until my daughter leaves for college.

  2. Squeaky shoe fix - use some chap stick and run a smear around the edge of the shoe, between the bed & liner. I too had a favorite pair of shoes that suddendly became vocal & this fixed it! Just be sure to label the chapstick for "Shoe use only!" Stinky feet is a flavor you should NEVER try!