Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where Was I?

Okay, since a lot of people (well, two) have asked, here are the details on the fabulous location of the Kansas Castle where my oldest friends and I spent the weekend. First, feast your eyes on that picture.

Is that the most wonderful building perhaps you've ever seen? Do you not imagine climbing to the top and waving your scarf from the parapet as Prince Charming rides into town?

No? Huh.

Well, then can you imagine yourself in a 1926 Chevrolet Series V Superior pulling under the arch of that brand-new filling station and telling the attendant to fill 'er up and check the oil?

Not that, either?

Can you at least look at the lawn ornaments that usually make you roll your eyes because taste, people, get some of it, but in this case they're simply adorable and make you think the fairy next to the garden hose is waiting for someone to turn on the water and unlock her magic?

Okay, then, I guess that's just me. But if you had any of those same thoughts, get yourself immediately to the Castle Lodge in Glen Elder, Kansas, because it's about the most charming place I've ever stayed, and it cost less than the local Super 8 charges. Really!

I don't have pictures of the inside because carving a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom out of the original filling station means there's not much backing-up-to-take-a-picture leeway, but you can find interior pictures on the lodge's website--here. It's cute and clean and well-stocked, although I'd recommend being good friends with anyone you stay here with; we slept four quite comfortably but to put six in here you'd need to like each other A LOT.

Besides, we spent most of our time outside on the patio, where we had rocking chairs and comfy spaces and a fire pit, as well as a large table for the craft project. (Well, of course we did a craft project.)

Our one complaint came from the noise-averse member of the group, who has a thing about wind chimes. There are two in this sitting area and when the breeze kicked up she began looking a little wide-eyed. The moment we mentioned that to owner Dan,  though, he tied those puppies down and all we heard was the owl hooting from the park across the street. 

You'll also want to take your own snacks because Glen Elder is not exactly a booming metropolis, so you have to go clear out to the convenience store on the highway to buy a candy bar if you're feeling peckish. However, when it's time for breakfast that same convenience store provided hearty breakfasts for under $10, and the pancakes were yummy. That's $10 for all four of us, in case you thought that was a hefty tab for breakfast. (I know! So cheap!)

I'm aware that not everyone in the world will want to visit this castle because maybe you don't want to have a good time or maybe you don't appreciate great hospitality. But me? I'm going back.

Do you suppose Dan would mind if I just left a toothbrush there?

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  1. Only been to the lake, have heard the town is wonderful. Someday maybe!