Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Craft! Tell Us About It!

Well, of COURSE our friends' weekend included a craft. It always does, and these hands-on projects have been successful on the Fujita Scale from -3 (the beading project that was tooooo haaaaard and resulted in one very misshapen angel and several new deployed expletives) to the respectable +1thumbprint note cards (rating based on enjoyability and outcome) to last year's solid +2 Christmas tree ornaments.

The Castle was perfect for our canvas-tote-painting efforts, what with the big glass table (easily cleaned of acrylic paint) and the cool weather. And three of the four of us came up with some top-notch totes.

There was D's artistic homage to an artist the name of whom everyone except me knew:

And K's garden-y looking beauty:
As well as the doily-lace design by both C and D that made their bags look vintage-y:
And then there were my bags. As I've admitted before, I am neither crafty nor patient, but I am completely confident. I followed the vision in my head and in about two minutes flat had my bags drying on the chaise longue:
Yeah. The visions in my head are always prettier than what I can produce in reality.

BUT--my friends have known me forever, and they said exactly the right thing.

"Hey! I remember that! That was my favorite dress  you ever had!"

And I smiled happily because that was exactly the vision I had in my head.
My family in 1970
Me, on the left, at age 16 already four years into my friendship with these three.

This crafty bag may not be art but it's certainly history.


  1. I don't know the artist EITHER, but the bag is pretty! I love ALL the bags, AND the idea of the bags, AND the idea of doing a craft together each year!

    I also love this line: "I am neither crafty nor patient, but I am completely confident."

  2. Oh I agree with so much of what Swistle wrote, so I'll just say "ditto".