Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Orts and the Cutest Thing Ever

This week's edition of Friday Orts starts with the picture above. The postman left this newspaper at the House on the Corner a few days ago and it's one of the more exciting things I've ever seen. It signifies that the bar results are out, and that if I'm ever accused of a crime in Missouri, Boy#1 and Lovely Girl now will be sitting there at the defendant's table with me and I can tell them when to object. (Of course I'd be telling them when to object--they may be lawyers now, but I was watching Perry Mason before The Good Wife was even born so I've been an expert on courtroom procedures for decades. Also, what did they expect when they took my case?)

Lawyers! Both of them! Wooooo!

Another reason I keep Husband around (besides his charm and good looks and willingness to change lightbulbs) is that he is increasingly the memory of our marriage. I wrote last week about how much we've loved our next door neighbors, which is a good thing because our houses are really, really close and they had to put up with my yell-y parenting and piano practice when the windows were open. Husband reminded me of when Boy#1 was a baby and we kept hearing him cry on the baby monitor. When we'd go upstairs to check on him, though, he would be sound asleep. Finally we realized we were hearing the neighbor twins, who were exactly One's age. Our houses were so close the monitor frequencies were mixing.

Needless to say, this had a profound effect on any further conversations held within pick-up range of the monitor.

A lovely reader who also knows me outside of cyberspace commented on my post about being a mediocre cook in which I bragged about making pretty good crescent rolls. I asked which recipes moms were passing along to their children these days and she said, "My kids are still too young to answer that final question but I must say this...your rolls...your Thanksgiving rolls are out of this world!!! (Yes, that called for three exclamation marks)."

That's awfully nice of her, especially since the recipe (found here) is so easy. Nicest thing about it? You make the dough the night before the big day, so you can sleep a half hour later on the actual big day.

My favorite commercial of the week:

And finally, this may be the cutest thing ever posted. Yes, I've seen all the cats and pandas, but for my money, a four-year-old and her pink-ukele-strumming dad have now won the internet.


  1. CONGRATS to Boy #1 and Lovely Girl.

  2. Huge congrats to Boy #1 and Lovely Girl!!!!!!

    And yes, that little girl and her dad -- cutest thing EVER. She's just adorable beyond words.