Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Interesting Mix

I'm sorry about the terrible screen grab. Photoshop and I are not friends.
I do love Facebook, except when I hate it, but there are days when I don't think this anonymous social medium knows me at all, its gargantuan data mining capabilities notwithstanding. Today is one of those days.

Facebook often recommends pages for me to "like" (a verb I'm not yet using in the same un-quotation-marked way that I use the verb google) based on my internet history. This morning I opened my browser to find that they're recommending a Mulligan stew of topics and products.

Barbara Kingsolver, a wonderful author. (Her Poisonwood Bible still haunts me.) Marcus Borg, a theologian, which I only know because I googled him. The Kansas attorney general. A local recording studio and a design studio located four hours away but only 20 miles from The Farm where I grew up.

Orange juice, which I don't drink because oranges are so much more delicious and FIBER.

Pee-wee Herman,, I'm drawing a blank here. I am the mother of boys who once were young, perhaps?

And cream cheese.

Well, huh. Given that last item, I'm afraid Facebook knows me all too well.

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