Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Please Excuse MomQueenBee

Dear Boss,

I'm sorry I was a few minutes late for work this morning. I know all the advice I have given my own children on the first day of school--set two alarms, the first impression you make on a teacher matters, you'll be more on task if you aren't rushing in late, blah-blah-blah.

But this was the big morning when Husband, in his role as president of the Small Town school board, was to welcome the new teachers to the district. He had his notes all typed up on a note card (they were appropriate, and appropriately short) and was wearing a new shirt. A new plaid shirt.

If you do not think getting his name tag on EXACTLY straight did not matter, you would be wrong. And because he was wearing a plaid shirt,  there were visual guidelines to let him know when the tag was crooked, as it was the first eight or ten times he tried to affix the tag to its magnetic backing under his shirt.

Have I mentioned he's an accountant and precision matters to him? Yes, it does.

But in spite of his need for squareness in his life, he's tolerated the couch being set on an angle to the living room walls for several years even though I'm sure his blood pressure spikes every time he walks past it. That's because he's married to a woman who really, really likes things set on angles and pictures hung not-too-high-on-the-wall.

So I'll spend as much time as we need to get that name tag exactly perpendicular to the blue stripe in the plaid, because he'll feel so much better and the first impression you make on a teacher matters.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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