Friday, August 23, 2013

Contest Winners!

Yesterday one of my favorite youngsters in the world commented on the post I had linked to my Facebook page.

"Hey, MomQueenBee, you piker! Didn't you have a contest running, or were you just scamming us? I'm turning you over to the Better Business Bureau and you will never blog in this town again!"

Or words to that effect. (Actually, what she said was "On the 'children leaving' subject... do we have a final milk count?" Also, she's now not so much a youngster as a registered pharmacist but I'm pretending time hasn't passed since I met her during her sophomore year of college.)

Oh, yes! I did have a contest running, and since the Tauruses (Tauri?) are packed and ready to pull out of the driveway this morning, I'm going to distract myself from the the something I think must have gotten in my eyes by announcing our winners of the "How Much Milk Will They Drink This Summer?" sweepstakes.

The grand total, as tallied on the PostIt on the refrigerator door was....(drumroll, please).....

Twenty-seven gallons! 

I know! Only 27 gallons in three months. What has happened to my bay-bees, who routinely consumed a gallon a day back when we couldn't afford to feed them? 

Anyway, winners have their choice of the therapy socks shown above. They are not therapy for you, they were therapy for me as I knit them, and they are all manner of quirky. Take a look at the red socks in the middle, which are thick and warm and apparently knit for Bigfoot because I forgot to stop and just kept knitting and knitting and knitting. Or the ones next to that, also nice and warm, during the knitting of which I obviously ran out of yarn BEFORE the toes. (What? You'll be wearing shoes over them.)

I'm declaring two winners, because people entered their guesses in two different places. My faithful reader Twisterfish entered in the online comments, and because she is faithful (and also, the only one who entered this way), with a guess of 41 gallons YOU ARE A WINNER, TWISTERFISH! Send me your address and which pair of socks you want and I'll get them in the mail.

The second winner is my Facebook knitting buddy who will not at all appreciate this prize because this was also her Christmas gift from me two years ago--with a guess of 28 gallons YOU ARE A WINNER, REBECCA! Sorry about being unable to think of anything to gift except this. Oh, wait. I have some homemade apple butter that just came out of the Crockpot last night and is spectacularly delicious, so if you'd rather have that, let me know and I'll deliver it to your house.

Also, Kourtney, since you reminded me I had a contest running and you came in second in the Facebook category with a guess of  35 gallons, YOU ARE A SPECIAL BONUS WINNER! SOCKS FOR YOU, TOO!

So there it is, the conclusion of the first-ever give-away post on Empty Nest Feathers, and after reading this post and checking out the spectacular prizes offered, I have come to the realization that apparently I am an Amish housewife. Who knew? 

There. I'm feeling better about the empty-ing nest already.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all of you for playing along


  1. Dang!! I couldabeenacontenda if I'd only entered the contest. I guessed 27 gallons. I see more pairs of socks than winners there :)

  2. Wow! I'm a winner? Cool! Thank you!

  3. Package arrived today .... They're gorgeous! Thank you Mom Queen Bee!