Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's That Kind of Day

This is the kind of day it has been:

I composed a fairly lengthy and well-thought-out e-mail in response to a thorny question I had received. I polished the grammar, and made sure I didn't have any 'there' when I meant 'their' issues, then I hit the 'send' button and blew a kiss after the missive as it went on its merry way.

On its merry way to my own in-box, because by accident I sent it TO MYSELF.

Yes. I sent it to my own address, where it languished in the in-box for a fair amount of time until I realized (with great chagrin) that it was languishing and redirected it to its intended recipient.

But, on the other hand, on my kitchen counter are seven half-pints of tomato preserves, made with my mother's recipe, and if you do not have tomato preserves in your kitchen you are having a much worse day than I am.


  1. That is so much better than sending an email to the wrong recipient, right? Or the dreaded "reply all" when you didn't mean to. Not that I've ever done that.

    Your tomato preserves are gorgeous!

  2. I must be having a terrible day -- I don't even know what tomato preserves are. Is it like a jam or a sauce?

    1. It's jam, and sounds like the worst thing that could be put in your mouth but it is spectacularly delicious. Unexpected and fresh-tasting, and unbeatable on Thanksgiving rolls. My grandmother, rest her soul, was the queen of tomato preserves.

    2. So are you a recipe sharer like your Mom? :) To be very honest, I'm not sure tomato preserves even sound like a good idea, but I'm going to trust you on this one (because when have I ever been wrong when doing this?!?! NEVER!!!) I have 50 pounds of tomatoes coming tomorrow and I'm sure I need something else to make them into. Figure I should try at least one new canning recipe each summer. Your wins if you'll share!