Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At the Time, It Was Hilarious

This is the time of year when it's hard to get a real live person on the phone at Small College. With students running all over the place as if they (sheesh) belonged here, and faculty reappearing after their summer breaks, and HEY, I'VE DECIDED TO GO TO SCHOOL AFTER ALL AND WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET ENROLLED? new students everywhere, the behind-the-scenes workers who actually make this place function are getting a little overwhelmed. (In a good way, of course, because we love the start of school, especially when it's behind us.)

I will confess that during these hectic times I tend not to answer my office telephone. The people I really want to talk to (think Husband or Boys) will call my cell phone, and my boss will walk across the hall to talk to my actual ears if there's something he needs to discuss. I let the ringing phone go to voice mail, and a couple of times each day I roll through my voice messages and return calls that need to be returned.

Adding to the confusion is the local telephone directory that, apparently in a fit of pique after I decided not to advertise in their medium, listed my personal extension as the main trunk line for the college. I've become accustomed to hearing blank silence after I answer with my customary "Communications, this is MomQueenBee."  Then a confused voice invariably asks "Uh, is this Small College?"

"What I need to do," I told Husband this morning, "is have a standard message that tells people the numbers to call for financial aid, or the registrar's office, or the library, or the president..."

"Or the Guidepost Prayer Hot Line?" Husband suggested.

Huh. That was so much funnier when he said it than when I wrote it. I think maybe I'm getting a little punchy--perhaps this start of school needs to be behind us sooner rather than later.

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