Monday, October 8, 2012

Heart Warming

Husband and I were at another marching band concert football game over the weekend, this time watching the competition between our state's Farm U and big rival Snob U. We were delighted to see Farm U blow the other guys out of the water, both in football and in the marching bands' half-time rivalry. It's not that Husband and I really care about who wins the game, but the trombone section of the Farm U band gets really, really cranky if the game goes the wrong way, and if we're going to sit in the stands with arctic wind whistling around our noses and toes and everything in between, we don't want to go out to supper later and have that atmosphere be chilly as well.

(Unlike my four years spent at Farm U, when the football team amassed a record of about 3-30, odds of the right team winning now are good enough to provoke crankiness rather than the "Huh. Again." reaction we had when our teams lost. My generation was much better prepared to follow the Chiefs and Royals than this generation will be. Just sayin'.)

The day was the first really cold day of the fall, but it warmed up as we took a drive around campus and Boy#3 pointed out how beautiful the school is in the fall.

There was the library.

And the corner across from the chapel:

Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

No, no, not the little red car. This:

It's Boy#3 and his trombone! On light poles all over campus! Mah Bay-Bee!

That's a whole lot more heart-warming than the $4 cups of "hot" cocoa were at the marching band concert football game.


  1. Oh, my! Were you SO TEMPTED to shimmy up a pole and steal one of those flags??

  2. Oh, Swistle, you cannot IMAGINE the temptation! Only my lack of shimmy chops kept them aloft.

  3. Well personally, after such a great season, I think they should award one to whomever's picture is on them!

    And my kids can't believe they used to BEG students to come to the football games. ;)