Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Camping Addendum

So you weren't convinced to go camping by yesterday's glowing descriptions of misty mornings and Disney-esque sunsets? You aren't envying our bicycle rides and insect-free communes with nature?

Well, you will be persuaded that camping is the Best Thing Ever by this little camping bonus: Cookies for breakfast.

When there are only four (small) cookies left in the package and it's the final morning of the trip, it seems, well, WRONG to pack those cookies back in the cooler for the trek home. And as Husband so sagely pointed out, there's really not much nutritional difference between two (small) cookies (each) and one doughnut.

Oh, yeah. Camping rocks.

1 comment:

  1. I had trout on cream cheese on a pancake one morning while we were camping. Yum! A gluten free pancake at that. It IS way easier to camp with people over 30 years old. And only two in the camper. Someone told me campers are really only made for two, no matter what they boast.