Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yesterday when I hit "publish" on my little musings about chilliness, I noticed in my blog statistics that I had just inflicted my 500th post on cyberspace.

Wow. For a project that had the potential of never going past one or two entries, I've managed to blather on a fair amount, no? I have so much more to say about my eyebrows than even I had imagined.

In honor of that momentous occasion (okay, it's completely coincidental) I've posted over on The Train of His Robe about transitioning roles in church congregations. And in honor of the folks who use the office microwave to warm up their lunches, I've also written a poem:

Smells awful.

I know. It's pretty deep, but that's the way we poets think. Maybe I'll have to start a poetry blog?

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  1. Congrats on post #500 (and on your awesome poem)!