Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tastes Like Summer

Well, would you just stand back and appreciate the homegrown-ness of this week's summer supper! Bacon fresh from the farm (thank you, Brother), and tomatoes from my own little tomato factory in the back yard.

I know, I know, there is no such thing as fresh bacon. (Does anyone else watch Survivor? Did you see the bikini-clad contestants chasing the pig around the island shouting "Ham! Bacon!"? Then did you roll your eyes in unison with me and every other sentient being on the planet who knows that ham and bacon must be CURED or they are not ham or bacon? Also, that butchering a pig is just a teensy smidge more complicated than gutting a fish? Sheesh. City folk.)

But there IS such a thing as homegrown tomatoes, and we have them! The control plant Husband bought to test whether our gabillion-dollar tomatoes are superior to a $10 plant from WalMart has pulled into the production lead, with these five ripe specimens harvested Monday. In May! I've never heard of such a thing.

The control plant is fast, but production has definitely slowed since its output began to rely on my notoriously-sporadic watering schedule.

I still have high hopes for our high-tech self-watering plants--when I linked back to the newly-planted seedlings I was amazed at the jungle-like growth that  has occurred in the Earthtainers (picture to be added soon) since I featured them earlier this month. Jungle-like, I tell you, which is good, because I plan to eat my weight in tomatoes before the summer is over.

Get cracking, tomatoes. It's almost June, and MomQueenBee's hungry.

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