Thursday, May 31, 2012

Extra Time

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Several months ago my beautiful younger sister came to town and we had a wild and crazy sisters weekend, which is to say that she got a new haircut. She went from an almost-shoulder-length straight bob to a cut that looks almost exactly like the one shown above. (That is not my sister, but it looks amazingly like her. Make the hair a little more chestnut-colored, and hold out your arms for a hug, and that's my gal.)

Anyway, R went from spending a fair amount of time every day washing, then drying, then straightening, then curling her hair, to washing and tousling. (Tousling? Is that a word? It is now.) And she looks absolutely adorable, at least 10 years younger than she did pre-shears.

She spent the night at the House on the Corner last night, en route to a family celebration a couple of states away. The easy maintenance of her cool new haircut gave us enough time to have a cup of coffee before she hit the road.

"I sometimes wonder what I would do with all the time I used to spend on my hair, if I could get it all back in one piece," she mused.

I have a similarly low-maintenance style, but I have a suspicion I know what I'd do if I had all that time back that I used to spend with a curling iron. I'd either take a nap, or I'd fritter it away on my new obsession, one I've taken up in desperation after I found myself falling asleep at 8 p.m. every night when I tried to read. 

Because I am 114 years old. Sigh.

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