Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Question

Strawberry Cake
Oooh! This is a first! A question from a reader, because MomQueenBee has given the mistaken impression that she has all the answers. (To which I reply, "i before e, except after c...")

A loyal visitor to this corner of the internet sent this picture and asks: "Do you have any idea why my frosting slides off  my cake like this?"

To which I reply, "Yummy! Strawberry cake!" because I am a Pavlov's dog when it comes to cake, and could actually drown myself in saliva if a similar question was asked of pie. Unfortunately, this is not a helpful answer for the loyal visitor, so I'm turning to my Baking Council. 

Maybe the cake was too warm? Not enough powdered sugar in the frosting? Too much strawberry syrup? Mistakenly using the recipe for Stripper Frosting?

What say you, Baking Council?


  1. Cake too warm. But I do like the idea of Stripper Frosting!!

  2. If butter was used in the frosting, if it was melted when added to the powdered sugar, this could happen. Or, as said above, cake too warm. Or too much liquid.