Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not-So-Pioneer Woman Hotel

Every once in a while Pioneer Woman shows us the hotel room where she is spending a night or a couple of nights or a week. I love these little glimpses into luxury, just as I love the glimpses she gives us into cattle roping and cooking fabulous meals.

Our hotel room in Very Small Town was just as interesting as the PW's glass-lobbied hangout, if not as quite as luxurious. For example, the security lock on the door doubled as the DO NOT DISTURB sign. Flip the locking mechanism (below) and the sign shows up outside (above).

Of course, there was a more modern option for those of us who couldn't figure out the lock.

Also, the television was neither big-  nor flat-screened, which was good because we were there to be with family and not with The Real Housewives.

 The bathroom was small-ish, but clean and hot-watered and if you're having to spend a lot of time in the bathroom you're not having a very good weekend anyway.

But the part I loved, almost the very best part, was that in 1960 when this motel was built they must have known we would have a new(-to-us) car this weekend. They built Pearl her own little parking station!

And the absolute best part of my trip was when my high school friend checked us in at the front desk, and these three generations of smiling faces were only a few miles away.

PW, eat your heart out.

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