Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nouveau Trashe

Climb right up here on Granny's knee, Honey-Chil', and I'll tell you about the olden days.

Why, I remember the first time I ever used a computer. I was a sophomore in college, and I was working on the newspaper. I typed my story into this contraption and the words appeared ON A SCREEN IN FRONT OF ME. I tell you, it was magical.

And if I wanted to change a word, I just backed up the little arrow, and the WORDS DISAPPEARED! Honey-Chil', it was an amazing thing. Why, you probably didn't know that in the olden days there was no number "1" on a typewriter. To write1973 (which was the year of this miraculous event) on a typewriter I'd use the lowercase L so it came out like this--l973.

My-oh-my, we do love our computers around this house. But Honey-Chil', computers get old. That computer I used to write my story at college? That was all it could do. It could put words on a screen. It didn't play games, or have an alarm clock, and it didn't fit in your pocket so you could ignore your parents when they called you on the computer that is your phone. (We won't talk about the phone system back then, but the stories I could tell....You had to actually STAND UP to answer a phone because it was HANGING ON THE WALL!)

Anyway, if you had told me waaaay back then that Granny and Grampy would be taking four old computers (plus a scanner) to the recycling center because these old computers only have quadrillion-matrillions of gigabytes instead of hapamongous-fontillion terrafonts, I wouldn't have believed you.

Because back then we didn't recycle.

Oh, Honey-Chil'! I know that sounds like a horrible, barbaric world, but I didn't mean to scare you! Shhhhh, Granny's here, it's all right.

What do you mean are they going to put Granny in the back of the pick-up and recycle her because she's  old? 

Hrmph. Go to sleep, kid.

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