Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'll Move On Now

I promise that this is the final installation of the saga that was Boy#2's commencement last weekend, but I can't move on before pointing out that even my big strong competent grown-up boys still need their mother.

As Two was rushing to get to his own graduation on time, I noticed that his regalia was less than presentable.

"Oh, yeah, I've had it in a drawer for a couple of years since I had to buy it for an initiation ceremony."

Now if I had not been there he would have ironed the thing, but I do remember when I ironed my own gown 30-some years ago and melted it, and that was Not Going to Happen on this day. Thanks to his mother, who had been feeling just a little unnecessary, Two walked across the stage and received his diploma in wrinkle-free splendor.

And his brother, who noticed me wielding the iron and remembered he had stuffed his khakis in his duffel bag when he moved out of the dorm, looked spiffy, too.

Oh, yeah, I'm still useful.

(Tomorrow: No more talk about graduation!)

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