Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Recap

With a day of perspective, I realize that the woe-that-was-me described in yesterday's post came about partly because I was dreading Mother's Day. As it does most years, graduation at Small College falls on this holiday, which means it's a long, hot, complicated day of work for those of us in the public relations office. Add to this the melancholy that comes from missing my own mom (who has been gone for two Mother's Days now) and not having a Boy in the nest for the first time on Mother's Day, and, well, woe was me.

But then I was surrounded all day by mothers bursting with pride at the accomplishments of their new college grads, and I couldn't help but absorb some of the splatter.

I smiled every time I walked past the flowers the Boys sent to my office on Friday, without prompting from their father, and beamed at the thoughtfulness that prompted them to send flowers to their paternal grandmother as well.

And last night, after a day that had been long AND hot AND complicated, the phone rang. Thanks to modern technology all four Boys were on the line to wish me a happy day.

It was like opening a picnic basket full of puppies. The conversation rolled and tumbled and turned back on itself and all but piddled on the rug in exuberance. At one point I sat quietly, listening to my sons tease each other and laugh and look forward to being all together at the end of this week.

III John 4 is correct--I have no greater joy than to hear of my children walking in the truth.

But this? This is a close second.

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