Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Revolving Door

The house at the corner of Drainage Street and Halfway Down the Hill has been a busy place this Christmas vacation, what with the bowl games and the visits to the farm and the Hey! It's the posse at the door! that go on here most of the time.
Let's recap:
  1. Boy#3 was first to get home a week before Christmas.
  2. Boys#2 and #4 finished finals a few days later and finished the trek from two states away two days before Christmas, along with
  3. Boy#1, whose finals aren't until February. 
  4. Boys#2, #3, and #4 left again the day after Christmas, so that they and their bands could (for all it helped) cheer their football teams in bowl games.
  5. Boy#1 headed for the big city to  visit friends, but I forget when that was and he was back the next day. But he visited Big City again a few days later, just at about the same time
  6. Husband and I left for the farm so we wouldn't miss my family's rockin' New Year's Eve party. My youngest brother has never lived down the moment when, as a six-year-old, he stripped to his skivvies and donned a year-dated sash to dash through the living room. We have waited in vain 40 years for a repeat performance. Obviously One had heard this legend because
  7. Boy#1 came straight to the farm from Big City. While he was at the farm,
  8. Boys#2 and #4 returned home from their bowl, and the next day,
  9. Husband, Boy#1 and I spent New Year's Day traveling back to Small Town.The following day,
  10. Boy#1 left to go back to Texas (his classes started with the new year) and
  11. Boy#3 arrived back in his college town and decided to stay there through the next basketball game. That sounded like more fun than sitting around watching America's Next Iron Chef with their mother, so
  12. Boys#2 and #4 visited Boy#3 at college town and celebrated his birthday, as well as playing at the basketball game. (Just to be clear, they're in the band, not on the team.)
  13. Today Two, Three and Four will be back at home. In three days the out-migration starts again.
So if you ask me, "Will the Boys be home for vacation?" forgive my blank stare. Some questions are too complicated to answer.

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  1. From FB it looked to me like you had a chromosome chart up. So I had to look closer, it is little people moving in and out.