Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Reason I Married Him

So it turns out that when I wrote that Boy#2 was ON a plane heading toward North Carolina I was being optimistic. The phone rang at 6:40 last night, when Two should have been well on his way to the coast.

"The first flight was delayed by wind and I just missed my flight in Houston."

I knew exactly what to say. "Just a second, let me get your father on the phone."

I always love him, and I usually like him, but I never appreciate Husband more than in a logistical emergency. He is calm, rational, thinks of alternatives and holds the universe together.

"Okay, get on the flight to Charlotte, and I'll see about renting you a car. You'll be getting in late so I'll call the hotel and make sure they hold your reservation," he told Two.

By 11:30 our Boy was in Charlotte. His luggage was not. He called me at the house. "Your dad's at the office, waiting for you to let him know you made it," I told him, "call him there."

And I went to bed, knowing I had a long day of meetings today. This morning I found a note on the bathroom mirror: "He made it to the hotel at 2:10. Wake me up for any details."

Husband had talked Two down off the ledge, found him a WalMart so he could buy some cheap dress shoes to wear with the suit he had carried onto the plane, re-confirmed the hotel reservation, checked in with Two several times as he made the three-hour drive toward Durham, and delighted with him when the luggage arrived at the hotel.

When I was growing up, I thought the most romantic thing a man could do was send his beloved flowers. Some women adore diamonds, others swoon at the thought of a candlelit dinner.You can keep all of those things.

Nothing makes me love Husband more than when I see him being a good dad.

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