Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I miss the hugs and toothless smiles, I miss the dimpled knees and warm-smelling heads, I miss the footed pajamas and scribbled pictures.

I miss eleventy-nine things about not having babies around any more, but I do not miss having babies around when I'm sick.

Today I got to work and realized the cold I've been trying to outrun had caught me and was now pummeling me about the ears and sinuses. So I finished what I was doing, came home, and crawled into bed. Now that I've slept for a few hours, I think I'll make a cup of tea, then sleep some more.

In the good old days, a sick day was just like any other day except...sicker. Stay-at-home-mom benefits don't include sick leave, so restorative naps are taken with one eye open. And usually, whatever germ had felled me had also had caught up with one or more of the Boys, so in addition to my own aches and fever, I would be coping with one or more cranky and inconsolable children. I may be whining today, but that was worse.

I feel crummy, yes, but this is a piece of cake.


  1. Get well soon, Sara! (and I totally know what you mean about not having to take care of the family when you don't feel well. OR, even worse, taking all four of them to the doctor's office when someone was sick. Those were NOT the good old days!)

  2. Oh it is heaven when ill to just deal with yourself. Mothers with children at home just can't be sick. Erica just suffered through mastitis with hubby and me here to help she still had a hard time.