Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Put a Coat on, Whippersnapper

There are days when knowing that exactly 50% of my family is two states away gives me pause. Not sadness, exactly, but just a "Huh, how did that happen?" moment.

Not today.

Today, as I drove to work in temperatures that hovered in the low 20s but seemed a heck of a lot colder, I noticed how many students were walking to class practically naked.

Okay, they had on pants, and shoes. And (full disclosure) coats. Heavy coats, some of them. But the coats were almost invariably unzipped, and the hands were ungloved, and the heads were uncovered.

I wanted to stop the car and tell them to march right back in the house and put on more clothes, young man. I was glad that the Three Bears are in balmy central Texas, where the high today is forecast at 61 degrees, and that Boy#3 received a nice, warm hat for Christmas. (No, that's not Three in the picture, but his head certainly looks warm, doesn't it?)

When I got to work, one of the whippersnappers who works in my office was complaining about the weather. "Look--my hair is FROZEN," he said in about as complain-y a voice as I've heard from him.

I refrained from going all MomQueenBee on him. He is, after all, grown up and working a job with benefits. But if he were one of the Boys, I would have given it to him straight.

Bundle up, young man, because baby, it's cold outside.

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