Monday, August 2, 2010

Trying New Things

Boy#4 wasn't the only one trying something new last week.

Look! I'm on a train!

And in no particular order, these are the things I loved about the trip:

1. The darling Costa Rican grandmother with whom I shared a seat between Temple and Fort Worth. I was giving her the "usted" treatment until I realized with dismay that this senora probably was younger than I am. Of course, I'm always 26 when I speak Spanish.

2. The charming conductors who helped with my suitcase, and didn't charge to bring it home with me. (Phooey to you, American Airlines.)

3. The sway of the train, and the distant train whistle. Hey! That's us!

4. Plenty of space for my bags, and my knees.

5. Reclining seats with pop-up footrests.

6. The sleeping.

7. The reading.

8. The knitting.

9. Did I mention the sleeping?

If the 3 1/2 hour lay-over in Fort Worth had been just a touch shorter, or had included just a dozen or so fewer shrieking children in the waiting room, this would have been the perfect trip.

Amtrak, I'll be baaaaaack!

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