Friday, February 12, 2016

Blow Out the Candles, Boy#2!

Abraham Lincoln.

Charles Darwin.


Yes, it seems right that they would all have birthdays on the same day, these smart, innovative, handsome men. Also, add Robert Griffith III to the list because he and Two shared the football field while they were at Baylor together. We won't split hairs by noticing that RGIII was throwing the ball and Two was carrying a tuba, and that it's highly unlikely the Heisman Trophy winner worried as much about Two's embouchure as Two did about RGIII's ACL.

Anyway, I am up to my ears in alligators these days with deadlines and on-campus administrator interviews and all kinds of accompanying shenanigans going on, so this post will be short, but I encourage you to go back to read Two's birth story which was published in the early days of this blog. I take pride in pointing out that this post still embarrasses the Boys more than any other of the 1,043 posts I've written.

Just doing my job, sons.

And happy birthday, Two!

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