Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throw WAAAAAY Back Thursday

Much Older Sister texted this picture to my siblings and me this week. It was shot in the summer of 1967 at Jones Beach in New York City. In this shot MOS would have been 13, I was 11, Much Younger Sister was seven, and the boys were five and three years old.


A couple of observations:

  • My mother made her daughters' swimsuits. Oh, yeah, she was amazing. 
  • My brothers were more comfortable as muscle men than we girls were as bathing beauties. (The sorority girl pose and duck lips* had not yet been invented.)
  • I was not nearly as fat at age 12 as I thought I was, which seems to be a common thought among women my age. 

And a shout-out to my parents, who drove a 1948 school bus/camper through New York City (and into Mexico, and to Washington D.C., and into Canada, etc.), traveling every summer so that the horizons of their children would not be stop at the edge of the farm. I have now camped with children, and while it is lovely and memory-making, Husband and I never had more children than we had hands, and we never tried to keep them corralled on the New York subway system, so my hat is doffed to Mom and Dad.

Also, I can still remember the NYC address where we were staying so that if I got lost I could tell a policeman.

Good times.

*I've no idea what this page says. Please do not tell me if it's in any way offensive.


  1. Wow. There is a LOT of awesome going on in that photo.

    1. Oh, yeah. Vintage awesome is the best.