Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Overwhelming Healthiness

Photo from the BB website
I did not take the picture in today's post, but you probably already figured that out. (Have I mentioned that the only grade of C I received in my entire life was in Photography I?) It was taken by Ronda from Montana, and was on the Bountiful Basket Facebook page as the winner of last year's photo contest. 

Thank you for letting me borrow your picture, Ronda, because I have had the equivalent of all this lovely produce in my house this week and it has been yum-mazing. (I just made up that word. You are welcome.) Husband and I have been eating with such focused and overwhelming healthiness I wouldn't be surprised to be told we are shooting out invisible sparkles of wholesomeness. 

Potato-Leek Soup! Which actually turned into Grey Squash-Leek Soup because the BB contained five grey squash and while I wasn't watching them the potatoes I had in the house had turned into vile-smelling liquid that burst into bloom when I picked up the sack (retch) so I substituted the grey squash for the potatoes. It was yummy, yummy.

Sauteed Kale! And while I am going to admit that kale is not my favorite of the leafy greens and in fact ranks somewhere just above those potatoes, I ATE IT and I am healthier for it. 

Watercress! Pomegranates! BLTs made from the full grocery sack of tomatoes! Pears! Celery, because holy cow, does Bountiful Baskets like celery. 

The only thing we have not yet sampled are the bananas. This is because at the House on the Corner we have a very specific ripeness point for bananas, and until that point is reached we sit around like this, just staring at the bunch of slighty-greenish fruit:

And then they're suddenly perfectly light yellow and we do this!

Five minutes later, that perfectly light yellow point is past and I sweep all of the remaining bananas into the compost bucket because I know from long experience that no one in my household will touch a banana that has even one tiny brown spot on the peel. (Except me, and I don't really need to eat a full bunch of bananas.)

The point of all this then, is to say that we are enjoying our fresh fruits and vegetables. And to warn you to not stand too close when you're around Husband or me this week. Being hit by invisible wholesomeness sparkles just might hurt.

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