Friday, October 9, 2015

This Fudge Is Mine

I did not make this.
You all know that I love Husband and my Boys to distraction, right? That there is nothing in the world better than spending time with them? And that when I don't have my allotted my-guys time I become cranky and distressed? 

This is all true, and yet....

Tomorrow the MomQueenBee Men (minus Boy#2, who cannot get back from the eastern edge of the country on a whim) are going to do a football double-header. They will go to the home of one of Kansas's fine Big Universities in the morning, and watch their Alma Mater beat up on the hapless team of this Big University. (What? Three of them are alumni of the visiting team, so sic 'em, Bears.) Then they will drive several hours down the road to the other of Kansas's fine Big Universities to watch the semi-fine team of that Big University get beaten up. (Hey, I love  me some 'Cats, but let's be realistic here. We are using a fifth-string quarterback.)

Anyway, they are going, and they are leaving me at home. And I could not be happier about that. In spite of the love I have for my family, I feel as if the universe has put a pan full of no-calorie fudge in front of me and invited me to eat as much as I want. 

"Here! It's all yours!" the universe says. "Do whatever you want with this guilt-free fudge day! Eat it all yourself, or give some away." 

And I will admit that I plan to eat most of that guilt-free fudge myself. I have new yarn itching to be cast on to my needles. I have a brand new Anne Tyler book checked out from the library. I have quilt pieces ready to piece together, and a nap begging to be taken. 

I'll be giving away a few pieces of fudge--one to the refrigerator, which has some suspicious-looking spinach lurking on the edge of slime; one to a group that needs a pianist for an hour or so; possibly another to a craft class that I'm on the verge of signing up for. 

But most of the day? It's all mine, and the anticipation couldn't be sweeter. 

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