Monday, October 12, 2015

My Fudge Day

Okay, I'm not going to bury the lede here: Fudge Day was magnificent.

In order, these were the things I did:

*Waved farewell to Husband and two Boys as they left the House on the Corner in their patriotic shirts at 7:15 a.m. Also answered the question "Are you really going back to bed?" with a non-guilty "Quite possibly," although I did not go back to bed.

*Attended an artsy-craftsy-outdoorsy-autumny class (shown above) and glued things to a pumpkin. It was delightful although I had no illusions that my efforts were either art or a craft.

*Grocery shopped and picked up some pre-cleaned roasting vegetables that require no preparation whatsoever. They are slightly out of date (don't tell Husband) but will make an absolutely splendid soup. As the tag says, Woohoo!

*Considered getting a pedicure but decided the thought of having someone else's hands anywhere my poor little toe was too much stress, so I did my own "pedicure." The color I chose out of my meager stock of polishes turned out looking like Creamsicle chalk paint and made me remember why this bottle was still full, so I immediately threw it in the trash. De-stuffifying!

*Knit a hat for Ruby, my newest great-niece who was born just a few days ago. Realized as I finished that I have not conquered my complete inability to control whether the baby hats I knit turn out sized for an acorn or for Andre the Giant. You are seeing the hat on Mable, my adult-sized head model, so if you know of any really big-headed babies, I can fix you up with a new hat. I'll be starting over for Ruby.

*Between these activities I read, I played the piano for a ladies' luncheon at church, I watched two movies that had been in my Netflix queue for months and months (Enchanted April and Quartet) and I topped up my English accent. (I say...did you come a cropper?)

*Then my 'Cats came so, so close to a fabulous upset and since I'm from the days of the longest losing streak in college football history, I count these as moral victories and I smiled and went to bed.

And the next day when I got up, Husband and the Boys were home (having acquired a bonus Boy during the process) and all was back to normal again. Fudge Day was a treat, but a house full of clomping feet and toilet seats left up? That's even sweeter.

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