Thursday, September 3, 2015

The World Has Gone Mad

So tell me, my lovely imaginary friends in the Internet, does this look like the breakfast of a celebrity? Of course it does!

I mean, Crispix with fresh raspberries. A swirly-foam-topped cappuccino. Someone else's empty drinking glass, the water out of which may or may not have dumped itself onto my laptop.

This was my breakfast on Saturday, and it was so colorful that I had to document it, prompting eye-rolling from everyone else around the table. (Hi, Boys!) I didn't even care, because so, so pretty. And I didn't cheat my readers by color-correcting the photo, which I understand is a thing even though I have no idea how to do it.

But I will admit that this picture sums up a world gone mad, a world in which the same shopping trip had me paying $1 for a box of fresh raspberries and $3.55 for a dozen eggs.


Next thing you know Donald Trump will be a serious candidate for president.

Mad, I tell you.


  1. I was just thinking about the eggs thing today. I bought two dozen while shopping, and it cost $7.78. For two dozen eggs! I remember in our poorer days when we would buy eggs a lot because they were a CHEAP food. Like, a dollar a dozen, or less than that on sale. Now I feel like eating an egg every morning for breakfast makes me some sort of socialite.

    1. I had friends (well, we're still friends but they moved three states away) who were raising their 11 children while we were raising our four. One time I asked the mother what she fixed when she just could not fix one more meal or she would explode. It was eggs. I'm suspecting now she would use my menu (cold cereal, with your choice of thanks or no thanks to milk).

  2. We have 7 backyard chickens but I had to buy eggs last week, cause they stopped producing eggs for a few days. Go figure!

    1. Nani, you never tell employees what their fellow employees are earning. It only leads to discontent.