Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't Miss It, Don't Even Be Late

What were you doing yesterday?

I don't want to brag but no matter what you were doing, what Husband and I were doing was better. We were at the state fair, and there is just nothing better to do on a beautiful September day.

We saw the biggest pumpkin entered in the history of the fair, 1,034 pounds of autumn goodness, a full half-ton of potential Pinterest recipes.

But that wasn't all. We also saw a half-ton of butter that had been made into a sculpture that included the dual magical subjects of ice cream and a kid petting a pig. Mmmm....

We saw a sheep getting sheared and felt sympathetic relief for the removing of that natural sweater on this 90-degree day. 

We talked to hawkers and vendors and succumbed to the promise of the magical cleaning powers of an industrial sized jug of Scum Off (really, I could have helped them in the naming of this product but I guess it worked because I bought it) and a magical heating pad for Husband's cranky back. 

For lunch we shared a plate of chicken and noodles, but each of us had our own piece of the most wonderful Sour Cream Raisin Pie in the history of pies...

...followed a few hours later by what is perhaps the most state-fair-ish of state fair since Fried Butter was invented. Yup, fried cookie dough. 

I highly recommend following our plan, which was to take vacation days in the middle of the week and avoid the weekend crowds.  We found our tribe--the elderly and the slow--as we drifted from the art exhibits to the oil well model to cookware demonstrations. Oh, and be sure to go with someone who appreciates your need to watch the goats being judged and who gives you a hand on the rickety steps as you climb out of the 14th RV you've explored for closet space. 

Our state fair? It's a great state fair, and there couldn't be anything better to do on a September Tuesday.


  1. Thanks for this post; my kids LOVED the pictures of the pumpkin and the butter sculpture =)! (Take more pictures next time; then I can enjoy the state fair without all of the heat and noise ;-)!)

    1. Husband rolled his eyes when I put my half-eaten fried cookie dough back in the plate to photograph, so I will tell him next time that you made me do it. (Really, though, the heat and noise weren't bad yesterday. Old people are pretty quiet.)