Monday, September 28, 2015

Reasons to Hope

Recently there's been plenty of reason for worry around these here parts.

We're getting ready to go on vacation, and Michigan apparently has a very high opinion of its lodgings so with less than a month before we leave we still have no place to lay our weary heads that won't use All The Money and force us to sell apples on the street corner during our dotage.

Also, there may or may not be a mouse in the basement of the House on the Corner. (I'll write a full post on this when I can stop shuddering.)

Plus, the Royals are killing me with their inconsistency and their non-invincibility (vincibility?) at this, the most crucial moment of the baseball year.

And, Donald Trump.

But last night Husband and I spent more than an hour in a dark parking lot on the edge of Small Town, bucket seats reclined and windows down to let the most glorious breeze waft through as we witnessed the eclipse. It would have been enough to just watch the moon for that long--it was that beautiful, and then it eclipsed into a glowing orange orb that will be worth staying alive until 2033 just to see again. Plus, watching the eclipse with someone who's smart as well as good-looking is simply the best. Did you know that the moon doesn't rotate on its axis? Yes. I am an honors graduate of a major university and I never made the connection that the dark side of the moon is always dark.

Also, the pope was within the same national boundaries as I was last week, and even though we aren't of the same denomination we are of the same persuasion in pretty much all of the important commandments (especially the sheep-feeding and Golden Rule ones), and this made me fist-bump my own fists in glee.

Plus, the Best Neighbor Ever is posting the worst puns on her Facebook page and they make me laugh every time. (Where do cows go for fun? The mooo-vies!)

And, Opus is running for president on a platform I can get behind with gusto. My world is better because Berkeley Breathed is back and has provided me a wedgie issue.

My quiet time this morning reminded that we are not designed for worry, we're designed for hope.

So that's what I choose. Blood moon, the pope, puns, and Opus. The rest of it will work itself out.


  1. I too have been glad and relieved to have Opus back in my life at a time like this.

  2. Hi, just clicked to your blog from an Internet search ("empty nest blog"), saw Mir on your sidebar, and knew I should start reading! And then you mentioned Opus! Off to read some more, but I wanted to say hello. And to commiserate about the mouse. (I'm still scarred from a childhood incident involving a mouse and a Triscuit box.)

    1. Welcome! You're going to love the empty nest--it's like dating with no pressure. Also, the interior of our houses could be long-lost cousins. French doors everywhere!