Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Drought Is Broken

I would love to give credit for today's meme, but I've seen it so many places that this would have to be a whole post full of credits and I'm not confident I would ever get to the originator. But Anonymous Meme Generator, you have hit the theme of the weekend right on the head (or the thumb, as the case may be).

It has been raining. A lot.

One of my jobs for the holiday weekend was to get my tomatoes planted because hope springs eternal in the tomato gardening realm. The greenhouse at Small College still had some stock Friday and everything was half price the day before the greenhouse closed for the summer, so I picked up four fancy cherry tomato seedlings. Or maybe they couldn't be called seedlings when if they're nearly two feet tall? Plants. I picked up four tomato plants and the greenhouse manager was kind enough to show me how to trench them for super growth.

Except that I had to work yesterday (big, enormous, inescapable deadlines this week) and I had exactly four minutes between the time I turned off my computer and the next storm was to hit, so my "trenching" was slapdash at best.

And then it rained.

We have had inches and inches of rain in the past couple of weeks, including five inches on Saturday (according to the guys who stand around in the back of the church swapping lies). Nothing at all is being absorbed by the ground so the inch or so that fell immediately after I finished "planting" the tomatoes formed a lovely pond.

I should have planted rice, but so far so good.

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