Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Orts and a Blurb

Gosh, it seems as if I've been all up in your face this week with Feelings and Fears so let's make this Friday's Orts a lazy series of things I've stumbled across on the internet.

First is this wonderful round-up of a cappella versions of classical music. In my next life I'm going to be able to sing, and I'm going to sing in a group that sings like these groups do.

Then we have a link sent me by Amazon because apparently Amazon hates me. Seriously, people who know more about my buying habits than anyone in the world? You thought I wanted/needed THIS? After reading the comments, though, I've decided to never visit New York again. Or ever leave the House on the Corner again.

Given the angsty ups and downs I've blathered about since I nearly missed baccalaureate last week, this article was both beautiful and brutal.

This isn't a link, but I must reiterate what fun the readers of this blog are. After I spoiled the Jumble for everyone yesterday (I'm sorry!) several readers sent alternative solutions to the SIPOME clue. I mistakenly thought that MOIPES (submitted by my best friend from Alaska) referred to whiny preschool children who are not adorable moppets. No, friend corrected me, MOIPES is a verb--"Laura likes to take long walks, but she frequently has to moipe instead when her feet hurt too much." Another friend said the unscrambled word obviously was either SIPOME (sibling siphoning from parents at home) or SIMPOE (a simple symposium, like one I would give).

Much Older Sister, though, won this non-contest when she said obviously SIPOME was iPoems--a new app for the rhyming impaired.


Today's blurb is knitting-related, since I did kitchen-related last week.

The project on my needles right now has multiple colors and I was having trouble keeping all the dozen skeins from getting all up in each other's business in the knitting basket. "Hey!" my brilliant mind thought. "What I need is something like a paper towel holder that I could stack the yarn balls on so that they would stay sorted and just spin out the yarn as I knit from that color ."

So I bought a paper towel holder exactly like the one above and stacked the balls of yarn on the spindle. Then I spent the next hour trying unsuccessfully to make them GIVE ME SOME YARN, after which I yanked the yarn back off the spindle and sent the dispenser with Husband to use in his office.

My brilliant mind does not always come up with brilliant ideas.

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