Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pay No Attention

Here are a few things to say to a Kansan that we've never heard before:

1. I think we're not in Kansas any more.

2. And your little dog, too!

3. I'll get you, my pretty...

Only non-Kansans think they are being original when they quote The Wizard of Oz to us. We're seen it. We've heard it. We could recite it back to you.

That said, half the little girls within the state boundaries have had red-sequined slippers sometime during their childhood. Oz-ish characters tend to show up at Kansas-related functions and the set that was wandering around the Kansas Sampler Festival last weekend was a particularly good group. (I mean, look at that Tin Man. Is that not purely Jack Haley?)

So go ahead. Tell us to click our heels three times. We'll smile patiently because we know how the movie ends.

We know there's no place like home, and home is in Kansas.

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