Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Crazy Cookie

When I asked my free clip-art provider for something to symbolize my astoundingly over-the-top crazy busy week, they knew exactly what I needed: A Crazy Cookie.

This could have gone one of several different ways. For the past several days, I've been in the office before the security guys have turned on the lights. This means that not only am I eating breakfast at my desk (thank you, Frosted Mini-Wheats, for being both portable and delicious), I'm also doing much of my personal grooming at the desk as well. Oh, I come showered and dressed but having skipped the post-exercise cool-down time  that allows my hair to dry and my face to stop spewing sweat glow long enough to accept some make-up. Fortunately, my beauty routine consists of tinted moisturizer + a dab of eye shadow + I'm-60-years-old-and-nothing-is-going-to-help, so I can manage it at the same time I'm looking for random drive-by capitalizations and errant commas. But the free clip-art people could have suggested this:

Yeah, pretty much feelin' that after trying to get the lipstick straight by using the reflection in my travel mug as a mirror.

I'm also just a tad stressed, seeing that the two big projects I'm working on are important for things like, oh, keeping my job, and keeping Small College accredited. No biggie. But between the proofreading and the pressure, I'm kind of looking like this:

And still, Crazy Cookie was the suggestion for how my week is going, which, really isn't all that far off.

It's been a lot of long hours, which make me realize how very glad I don't work these hours all the time (people who are working double-shifts, you have my sincere admiration). But there have also been nuggets of sweetness and TWO Boys in the house to keep Husband from missing me. Then at the end of all this craziness, when the deadlines have been met and I take a deep breath, I get to climb into a van with a dozen other people and head for Mexico.

Call me Crazy, but I prefer to think I'm a Lucky Cookie.

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